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Tag Management / Tag Allocation Tool

Using the Tag Management and Tag Allocation tabs, you can create a custom report which can be used to help run your business on the night of the event. For example, you can create a report of which tour guide will be running each of your tours or, a DJ or bartender rota.  

Tag Management: 
You firstly need to set your tag category. A tag category can represent a piece of information that you want to add against an event date/ticket type. Some examples include Tour guides, DJ Music and Bartenders. Once you have your category added you'll want to add tags. For Tour guides you would add names, for DJ music you would add music types and so on.

Once you're happy with the category and tags, go to the Tag Allocation view and start adding tags to specific dates.

Tag Allocation: 
Via the tag allocation tab, you can now allocate your tags to ticket types. For example - apply a specific tour guide to a tour. 

Set Up Steps: 

1. Click Manage on your Event  
2. Select Tags Management located at the bottom 
3. Click Add A New Category 
4. Click the Pencil and type in name of category 
5, Click Add Tag to specify tags 
6. Once complete, select Tag Allocation 
7. Apply tags to ticket types across multiple occurrences 

Once tags have been added they can be viewed on the downloadable attendee list under the ticket type section.

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