View/Download Financial Statements

Once has your event has taken place, ticket funds get transferred to the nominated bank account 4 working days after the event (to ensure your funds reach you on time, please add bank details before 3 working days after event). 

Once the transfer has been arranged, a PDF statement detailing individual and total ticket sales gets sent to the 'payment notification email'. The specified email address can be changed on the 'ticketing' tab under 'edit listing and tickets'. 

If for any reason you are unable to view this document, you are able to find a full list of your past and present financial statements in the FINANCE tab of your admin. 

Using the 'Dates From / To' search bar you are able to located specific statements. 

In the PAYMENT STATEMENTS section you are able to view the following details: 
- DATE: date of payment 
- Recipient: bank account name 
- Partner: name of venue 
- Amount: total ticket fund transfer (minus booking fee and VAT)
- Download: option to download PDF version of statement 

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