How To Add Users To The Scanner App

This process allows you to give others (door staff for example) access to use the scanner without giving them access to your financials.   

- Log into your event and go to the Advanced menu:
- Click on Scanner.
- Click Add device. You can then generate an individual token ID that to share with each person.
- Download the app, on the sign in screen click "Use token ID" and they can then sign in once using the code

Device Name: A name given to a scanner. Note: Multiple scanners can share the same device name.
Remote Verification: Performs checks with the remote Tonic Admin.
Validate Only: Disables the device from checking in tickets and validates only.
Dark Mode: Make the interface a darker colour for low lit environments.
Device Stats: Displays (other) device stats on the scanner if there are multiple scanners in use (only works with an internet connection).
Token: A short single use token used to sign in to the device. Note: Restricted mode is enabled by default and can only be disabled through this admin interface. The scanner devices must also have an internet connection..
Status: A token can only used once. The status can be new, used or revoked. Revoking a token will sign a user out who has used the token to sign in to the Scanner. Restricted Mode: Disables the ability to change settings.

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