Additional Product Purchases / Merchandise

Our additional products feature allows you to upsell items such as merchandise and drinks packages during the checkout process which customers can add to their basket and pay for at the time of ticket purchase. 

Follow the steps below to create additional products:

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click the Ticketing tab
4. Scroll down to Merchandise
5. Click Add New Product

Once you have created an additional product, a new setting called 'Add Merchandise Message To Checkout' will appear below. Add text here which will appear in the checkout above the additional products. 

Advanced Options: 

Once key ticket type information is filled out, by clicking the blue cog button beside the ticket type you are able to set advanced ticket options

Product status: Set product to be on-sale or off-sale and hidden from checkout process
On sale from: Specific date and time tickets should automatically come on-sale
On sale until: Specific date and time tickets should automatically go off-sale  
Photo: Option to include photo of product
Min / Max per purchase: Set a minimum or/and maximum a customer can purchase 

Once the customer has confirmed their ticket selection they will then be directed to a further checkout page of the process to confirm which add on's they would like:

Once transactions are complete, there are a number of sections on the website where it is possible to view the purchase information:

Event dashboard: Total sales broken down by ticket type and revenue
Reports: Comprehensive product breakdown by; total products,  total rep, sales total, discounted products, sold  total, revenue net profit
Customer data: Excel spreadsheet breakdown of product type, quantity, product cost, total cost by customer transaction

Additional product booking fee's by default are set to the same percentages as ticket types:

Under £30 - 10% 
Over £30 - 6% 
Over £100 - 5% 

If you have any questions about this please contact your Account Manager.

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