Data Collection

Using the Data Collection function allows you to tailor the information you collect from customers with a range of customisable question options. For example, this tool can be used to specify dietary requirements or collect personal details

(checkbox example)

log into event admin > click manage > (on dashboard) scroll down to DATA COLLECTION tab > enable data collection

On the data collection page, questions can be set up using the 'Add new checkout question' box and all created options will appear in the 'Checkout questions' section. 


Checkbox - answers appear in a list with a checkbox beside customers can tick, multiple choice answer
Dropdown - customers are given a dropdown list of answers to choose between, single option answer
Yes/No - customers are only able to answer Yes or No to question, single option answer
Free Text - customer is given a box to freely write answer in 

(Drop down, Yes/No, Free test examples)
By activating the 'data collection' results in the 'Attendee List' section of your admin you can view the customer responses within your admin and on the downloadable attendee list itself. 

log into event admin > click manage > when on dashboard scroll down to 'attendee list' > click 'customise list' > tick the 'Show all collected data' setting > results now show by clicking on customers name or downloading attendee list

Data Collection answers can also be found in the 'Customer Data' tab of admin by downloading the full transaction list. The downloaded list is sent to the email address logged into the event and is in Excel spreadsheet format.

log into event admin > click manage > when on dashboard scroll down to 'customer data' > click download 

The results of the customer data questions is displayed in the last columns on the spreadsheet. 

Only the ticket purchaser is prompted to leave an answer. If in the case that one person is purchasing multiple tickets but you need an answer from all attendees please either word the question in a way that it prompts the purchaser to answer for all guests, or create 2 question options - the first one being any of your choice, the second being a FREE TEXT question so that the purchaser can provide information for all other guests. 

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