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Admin Page Sales Figures / Quick Sales View

When logging into your event admin, you are provided with a quick view breakdown of sales across event pages which are displayed in three formats: 

Total Attendees Between: 
Using the drop down date options, the circular graph at the top of the screen provides you with the total ticket sales between the dates selected. The blue boxes display 'total sold' figures and 'total guests' added. 

Daily Ticket Sales: 
The daily sales graph provides you with a breakdown of ticket sales by day, one month at a time. This allows you to compare sales across the month and is particularly useful for tracking marketing campaigns. Using the arrows you can select the month and the blue boxes provide a 'Total sales volume' across the month and 'Average per day' ticket sales. 

Individual Event Sales: 
Under the sales graph, you can view all event pages separated into approved (current) events, pending approval and past events. For each event, you are provided with a breakdown of total ticket sales. 

If you are unable to see the ticket sale bar, please expand the 'Total Attendee's Between' date range found next to the graph at the top of the page.

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