Upload Multiple Guests To Attendee List / Mass Upload

This feature allows you to upload large volumes of guest information in CSV format directly to your event admin.

On the downloadable spreadsheet multiple guests can be added to a range of ticket types which, once submitted back to the system, will automatically update the attendee list, ticket allocation and customer data.

If a guest email address has been added, they will automatically be sent an e-ticket once the CSV file upload is complete. 

- log into your event admin 
- go to 'attendee list' tab
- from drop down calendar select event date 
- click the small arrow button next to the '+ add to list' option
- a drop down menu with the options to 'add to list' or 'add multiple to list' will appear
- select 'add multiple to list'
- click 'Generate Template CSV'
- click 'Download Template CSV'
- a CSV file will then download directly to your desktop
- ticket types are displayed down the left hand side of the document, suggested information options are along the top
- please ensure ticket quantity and guest name is filled out, and any unused ticket types are deleted 
- go back to event admin, drag/drop your CSV file back to the system or search for it in your computer admin and upload 
- if attendee email address was entered they will automatically be sent e-tickets for all guests in their party 
- the information will now be present in the attendee list section, customer data tab and manage sales section 

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