Integrating / Using Facebook Pixel

Integrating Facebook Pixel with your event page will record valuable data such as complete checkouts VS checkout dropoff's. This data can then be used to re-target your advertising/marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Dropping the Pixel on your page will help build a character profile for your audience. You'll be able to group their shared behaviour and actions, target your campaign towards them as well as potential customers with similar the character profiles.  

- Log into your Facebook Pixel account and click 'CREATE A PIXEL'.
- Give your pixel a name and once it has been generated select 'COPY AND PASTE CODE'.
- You'll need to make a note of your Pixel ID which is a 15 digit number in the blue box after 'fbq('init', '***NUMBER_HERE***')' . 

- Log into your event admin and select 'MANAGE' on the event you want to sync.
- Use the navigation menu on the left to find 'SALES TRACKING' under 'PROMOTE'.
- Click 'FACEBOOK PIXEL' and copy your Pixel ID into the box labelled 'CONFIGURE'. 
- The Pixel will automatically track page views and purchases.

- Once you've set this up, head back to your Facebook Pixel account, which will automatically load with analytical data and give you the option to integrate your Pixel deeper.

- You can also download the Facebook Pixel Helper app to test whether your Pixels are running correctly.

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