Integrating / Using Facebook Pixel

Dropping a Pixel on an event page helps build an audience character profile for your events. Facebook Pixel allows event organisers to group shared audience behaviour and actions, as well as target campaigns to the right audience. 

Follow the steps below to successfully sync Facebook Pixel to your event: 

1. Log into your Facebook Pixel account and click Create a Pixel
2. Give the Pixel a name and once it has been generated select Copy and Paste Code
3. Make a note of the Pixel ID which is a 15 digit number in the blue box after 'fbq('init', '***NUMBER_HERE***')' . 
4. Log into Tonic
5. Click Manage on your Event
6. Select Sales Tracking
7. Select Facebook Pixel tab
8. Enter Pixel ID into the Configure box
9. The Pixel will now automatically track purchases within Facebook admin

Download the Facebook Pixel Helper app to test whether your Pixels are running correctly.

Tracking Purchases

In the checkout, we send Facebook's "Standard events" as a way of tracking conversions.

We send both: 

InitiateCheckout event at the start of the checkout
Purchase which is fired when someone completes the checkout process. This event will also include cart total value

How to use standard events can be viewed here:

This is the best way for people to track both people entering the checkout and completing it.

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