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Integrating / Using Meta Pixel

Dropping a Pixel on an event page helps build an audience character profile for your events. Meta Pixel allows event organisers to group shared audience behaviour and actions, as well as target campaigns to the right audience when creating and running Facebook ads. 

Follow the steps below to successfully sync Meta Pixel to your event: 

1. Log into your Meta Pixel account and click Connect a Data Source
2. Select Meta Pixel, give the Pixel a name and choose the Install Code Manually option to complete the set up steps
3. Log into Tonic
4. Click Manage on your Event
5. Select Sales Tracking
6. Select Facebook Pixel tab
7. Enter Pixel ID into the Configure box, which is the 15 digit number underneath your Pixel name
8. Enter Facebook Account ID, which you can find at the top right of the Pixel manager screen next to your name 
8. The Pixel will now automatically track purchases within Meta admin

Download the Facebook Pixel Helper app to test whether your Pixels are running correctly. Enter the checkout of your event and check the app to see if the Pixel is active. 

Tracking Purchases

The Pixel is active from the checkout stage of your event page, where we send Facebook's "standard events" as a way of tracking conversions. You can learn more about standard events and conversion tracking here.

We send both: 

InitiateCheckout: Event which is sent at the start of the checkout process
Purchase: This is sent when someone completes the checkout process. This event will also include cart total value.

Note: You may also see an "Add to Cart" event being sent from your event. This is being grouped together with the InitiateCheckout data that is fired off when guests enter the checkout and is not a separate event.

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