How To Create A Gift Voucher

If you're promoting your listing towards the birthday and special occasion market or just want to provide an opportunity for someone to buy a ticket to your event as a gift, you may want to set up a Gift Voucher.

- Log into your admin, select 'TONIC' as well as the event you want to create the voucher for.
- Use the 'COPY CURRENT EVENT' function in the top right corner to duplicate your event page if its similar to your current ticket page, or "Create new event" if you want to do it from scratch. 

- Once the new page has loaded, add 'Gift Voucher' to your event title and ticket type names as well as some extra info in your event description about what is included in the voucher and how to redeemit. This will let you expand on your offer, directly link to your original ticket page and help customers clearly distinguish between the two pages.

- Whilst this can be emphasised in the checkout process (see below) we also suggest you include instructions to the gift recipient in the event description directing them to get in contact with you once the gift voucher has been purchased so they quote their reference and check with your for availability to book in. 

- To finish the Gift Voucher page, ensure the calendar is set to 'DATE RANGE' and choose a long period for the voucher to be valid from and until. 

- Then scroll down the '2.TICKETING' page to find 'ADVANCED OPTIONS'. This will let you set a pre-sale, on ticket or confirmation message. Use this feature as an opportunity to provide contact details/remind the gift recipient to email/call you for availability and quote their DMN Reference.

- Decide if you want the page available to the public or hidden to only those you share the link with and click 'SUBMIT'.

To redeem the voucher the recipient will need to check on the original event page for availability and it is worth making a note of this in your Gift Voucher event description. 

You'll then need to add the recipient as a guest to the original ticket page to ensure you don't oversell your allocation and have all the correct details on the day of the event.

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