Reserve Tickets

Via the event admin, you are able to reserve tickets for customers which allows them to complete the purchase at a later date/time with the security that the tickets have been taken off to the general public. 

You have the ability to set an expiry date/time for the reserved tickets which automatically puts unpurchased tickets back on sale. 

> Go to the event Dashboard
> Reserved Tickets tab
> Click [+  Add A Reservation]
> complete customer and ticket detail information
> click [Add Reservation]
> manually send ticket link to customer 

Please note: when submitting the ticketing information, the system will not allow you to reserve tickets that are sold out or no longer on sale. 

A record of all current and passed reservations save in the 'Reserved Tickets' section of your admin and display if the tickets were purchased or if the reservation is currently active or expired.

A record of active reservations can also be viewed in the Manage Sales section of the event admin. Here, an overall total of reserved tickets can be viewed by event date and ticket type. 

To cancel an active ticket reservation, please go to the Reserved Tickets tab, find the reservation, click Details and Link and then Cancel Reservation. 

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