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Add Comments To Attendee List

This functionality allows you to add notes to a customer purchase which can be viewed in the admin, on the attendee list or when scanning a ticket. It can be particularly useful to let door staff know important information or to keep track of dietary requirements. 

Follow these steps to add comments to a guest's booking:

1. Click Manage on your Event  
2. Navigate to Attendees List
3. Search and locate customer's transaction 
4. Select the pen and notepad icon 
5. Add your comment in the Comments box that appears 
6. Save

Viewing Comments Within Attendees List:
1. Navigate to Attendees List tab 
2. Locate event date 
3. Click Customise List  
4. Tick Show Comments 
5. Download List

View Comments in Scanner:

Add comments to customers ticket as above. 

Once you have scanned the customer's ticket, click the green bar along the bottom of the screen to view customer information, if comments have been added these are viewed above the reference number. 

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