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Event Brand - Custom Design

Customise your event brand to fit your brand's aesthetic by adding photos and/or colour schemes to the page. 

Follow the steps below to locate the custom design section of your event brand: 

1. Click Manage on your Event Brand
2. Select Custom Design
3. Use the Images section to upload a Logo, a Header and Background image
4. Adjust the colour scheme of the page within the Color Options section (see below for details)
5. Use the Advanced Options to choose a Base Theme and adjust various page settings 


Logo: Add your logo to the top of the event brand page. It will be centered and placed on top of the header. (2MB Limit)

Header Image: Upload a lead photo which will appear as the header/cover image on your brand page and attached event pages. We recommend an image resolution of at least 940px by 260px with a max of 400px to best fit your event brand page and avoid it appearing blurry. 

Use the crop tool to adjust your image to the required aspect ratio. We recommend to use an image with as little text as possible.

Background Image: This is your page background image, it will be placed behind the content of the page. We recommend using a high-quality image here as this image will use a large amount of space. (2MB Limit). If you do not want to use a background image, then you can choose a suitable colour scheme to fit your brand on ‘Header Colour Settings’.

Use the 'Color Options' to set the colour of your brand page text and background/header sections (rather than using images).

The below website can be used to generate colour codes which match your branding colours. To use, upload your image, select the part of the picture you would like to colour match and then copy and paste the colour code into the event brand colour code box:

Advanced Options:

Enable Reviews: Enabling reviews will calculate and display an average score based on all events with reviews enabled. All event reviews will be displayed on the Event brand page.
Display Calendar: Select whether to display the calendar where guests can choose to browse through specific dates
Display Summary Box: If you would like the description that has been written on the ‘Brand Details’ page to be shown underneath the header, select YES.
Base Theme: Choose from dark background/light text or light background/dark text of the brand page
Repeat Background: To have the background image tiled, 'Background Cover' must be set to 'No' for this to work.
Background Cover: To have one image spread across the width of the web page.

For more information on creating an Event Brand page, see our guide here.

To find out how to add your events to your Event Brand page, see our guide here.

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