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FAQ/Troubleshooting: Google Analytics

1. Do I need to set up cross-domain tracking? 

Yes, it’s a crucial part of the integration as, without it, the Tonic Widget can’t pass on the analytics sessions from your website to the Tonic Checkout.

2. Why is the Source/Medium of the traffic is displaying as Direct (none)? 

Please check that you have cross-domain analytics set up. Steps on how this is done in a way that is compatible with our Google Analytics integration are outlined in our user guide here

3. On the DMN side, is cross-domain tracking set up to pass over the necessary information? 

Yes, the Tonic widget is set to allowLinker = true’ 

4. Google Analytics vs Google Tag Manager 

At this time, we only integrate with Google Analytics, not Google Tag Manager.

We are not looking to change this without our software team conducting an internal investigation into Google Tag as it may allow customers to run Javascript code on the checkout, which has the potential to open the Tonic checkout up to vulnerabilities. 

5. Do I need to create a goal in Google Analytics to start tracking?

Yes, once you have linked your Google Analytics account to Tonic, to track the source of a booking, a goal needs to be created in your Google Analytics account.

How to create a goal:

The goal should have the following set up: 

Category - Equal To - Checkout
Action - Equal To - Complete
Label - Equal To - Label 
Value - Greater Than - 1

6. If a customer visits the event website by clicking on a Google Ad and is then directed back to DesignMyNight to complete the ticket purchase, will the transaction still track in Google Analytics?

Yes, as long as you have linked both your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts to the event admin, if a customer clicks through to your website from a Google Ad, the transaction will still fire a Checkout Complete and track in Google Analytics. 

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