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Troubleshooting: How to take a screenshot of the Console

If you are encountering issues within Tonic, our support team may ask you to send over a screenshot of the ‘Console’ tab. This contains information which is useful for our tech team and will help them diagnose the problem faster and more efficiently (the code shown is essentially an error report on what is breaking on that specific computer.) Ideally, we'd need this screenshot to be taken on the page that is being affected and/or running slowly and you will need to drag the panel up so it covers your whole screen, take a screenshot and send it over to the support team.

Note: When sending over a screenshot please accompany this with all the steps taken to get to that point, as well as the associated URL shown in the screenshot.

How to do this on Chrome: 

1. On the page when it's happening, right click
2. Click Inspect Element
3. In the top panel of this new split screen click on Console

Tip: A quick way to do this is by pressing F12 on your keyboard

How to do this on Internet Explorer:

1. On the page where this is happening, press F12

How to do this on Safari:

Firstly, this will need to be activated in the browser settings.

1. Click the small cog in the top right hand corner 
2. Select Preferences > Advanced 
3. Tick the Show Developer box at the bottom.
4. On the page when it's happening, right click
5. Click Inspect Element 
6. Select Console

How to do this on Firefox:

1. On the page when it's happening, right click
2. Click Inspect Element 
3. Select Console

You can also select Browser Console from the Web Developer sub-menu in the Firefox Menu (or Tools menu if you display the menu bar or are on OS X).

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