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Linked Occurrences

If you have a one-off special event coming up that has been set up a separate event page, you can use the Linked Occurrences tool to link this event to the event date calendar on your main ticket page. Once set up, guests will easily be able to view all of your upcoming events from the one ticket page. 

Note: To be able to successfully link one event to another, the date of the one-off event should be different to the dates for the main event.

Follow the steps below to successfully set up a linked occurrence: 

1. Click Manage on the main Event (not the one you wish to link)
2. Select Linked Occurrences
3. Select the event you wish to link in the Link a New Occurrence box 
4. Within the new pop up window, choose a date you wish to have linked 
5. Add button text - this is the text that will display to customers on the linked date 
6. Add a description (Optional) - this is the text that will display when the customer selects the date on the widget 
7. Save Changes

Simply repeat the above steps to set up another linked occurrence - there is no limit to how many events you can link! 

Once applied, the linked occurrence will display on the ticket widget under the date you have selected during set up.  

Advanced Features:

Select an Icon: Select an icon to display next to the linked occurrence date. Note: The icon will display on smaller screens, otherwise it will display the button with text
Status: Toggle whether the linked occurrence appears on the widget or is hidden 
Display From: Choose when you want to start displaying the linked event on the ticket widget
Display Until: Choose when you want to stop displaying the linked event on the ticket widget
Add a Link: If you are selling tickets for the linked event on your website, you can enter the URL for that page here so the ticket widget will redirect to that page rather than the DesignMyNight event page. Note: The widget on your DesignMyNight event page will link to a DesignMyNight page only 

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