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Adding Widget onto a Wix created website

Some website building tools, such as Wix, have restrictions in place that prevent external HTML codes from being placed into their sites directly, requiring a simple extra step to for them to be embedded. 

Follow the below steps to successfully implement the ticket widget onto your Wix site: 

1.   Click Manage on your Event
2.   Select Ticket Widget
3.   Scroll down to Widget Code and copy the HTML script in the white box:

4.   Log in to your Wix account
5.   Click the + icon on the left side of the Editor
6.   Click Embed code
7.   Click Embed HTML:

8. Drag the iframe to the desired area on the page, resizing as required:

9. Ensure the HTML Settings box is set to Code and paste in HTML script
10. Add a full stop in front of the code and click Update:

The ticket widget will now appear on your Wix site! 

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