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Export Sales Report

As well as viewing the Sales Report in your event admin, you can also download a PDF file detailing the ticket sales breakdown for past and future event dates. 

Follow these steps to successfully download the sales report: 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Export Sales Report 
3. Input a Date Range to view
4. Click Download and a PDF file will be generated 

When selecting a date range, you will see to the left of the date selector tool the option to immediately input a set date range for ease of use, as well as being able to enter a custom range if a more specific selection is desired. 

The PDF will detail total ticket sales for your event by ticket type, total additional product sales, and, if your event runs across various days, will also break this information down into individual event dates to provide a valuable in depth look at how well your event is performing as a whole. 

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