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Buy One Get One Free / Promotions

To help drive ticket sales, the promotions tool can be used to offer customers a discount when purchasing multiple tickets. 

You can choose the group discount you would like to offer (applying the theory: buy X tickets, get X tickets free) which will be promoted to customers when selecting tickets, and then automatically applied to the purchase during the checkout process. 

Follow the steps below to successfully set up a promotion: 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Promotions 
3. Click Add Promotion located on the right hand side 
4. Enter a Promotion Name - This is what will display to customers on the event calendar (see image below for example)
5. Leave Status as Active for it be usable and promoted on the event page and ticket widget 
6. Enter a Description to display in the pop up box that appears when customers click on the promotion (Optional)
7. Apply Promotion Rules - for Buy One Get One Free, enter 2 and 1 into the fields
8. Use the drop down options if you want the promotion to be restricted to certain ticket types or dates
9. Save Changes

Once the correct amount of tickets have been added to the basket, guests will instantly see their promotion applied and will detail how much they have saved. The discount will also be detailed within a "Promo" column during the checkout process. 

Note: When leaving the Description box blank, our system will automatically generate a generic message that details the promotion for you. Your custom description will be added above this. 

Note: If you have a promotion set up for an event date that also has a Discount code set up, then the discount code will not work and instead display a "Discount codes cannot be used alongside the promotion!" message if entered. 

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