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Move Purchase From One Event To Another

Using the 'Switch Purchase Event' tool, you can move a ticket purchase from one event to another. 

Read the Important Notes section of this guide and then follow the steps below to successfully move a transaction: 

1. Log into event admin 
2. Select Manage for the event you wish to move the purchase to 
2. Select Switch Purchase Event
3. In the 'Move Purchase (Purchase Reference)' field, enter the DMN booking reference number
4. In the 'From Event:' field, check the correct event name and original event date are displayed
5. In the 'To Event:' field, select the new event date you wish to move the booking to 
6. In the 'Choose Ticket Types' field, select the ticket type you wish to move the booking to
7. Click either Resend Tickets or Don't Resend to choose if the customer receives the updated E-ticket 
8. Select Switch Event

Important Notes:
  • Access the 'Switch Purchase Event' tool in the admin of the event you wish to move the booking to, not the admin of the original event
  • Before moving a purchase, firstly check the available ticket allocation (the tool will allow you to over-allocate the ticket allocation on the event you are moving the booking too)
  • Once a booking has been moved, the tickets will automatically go back on sale on the original event and the allocation will update on the new event
  • The tool will allow you to switch the ticket to one of a different price (eg. original purchase is £20, you can allocate the customer new tickets of a different price)
  • If the customer has purchased additional products, the products will move with the booking if switched to a new event
  • If the customer has purchased additional products, you will not be able to move the booking if the new event does not also have additional product options

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