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Zapier Integration

Tonic Ticketing now integrates with Zapier:

Zapier allows multiple software platforms to work together. Here you can search the full list of Apps that Zapier connects:

Google Sheets: 

The most popular of these Apps to link with Tonic Ticketing is Google Sheets. Integrating these two softwares activates Tonic to automatically send purchase information to a Google Sheet. This cuts out the hassle of continually having to download the Tonic customer data file from Tonic as the Google Sheet will live update with purchase data.  

How does it work? 

When a Tonic purchase is made, we prepare the data to send through Zapier. Zapier requests this data from Tonic every 5 to 15 minutes and adds it to the Google Sheet. 

Each ticket in a purchase is stored in a single line on the Google Sheet
Each product type in a purchase is stored in a single line on the Google Sheet 

Tonic has a number of actions that, when triggered, send data to Zapier. The actions are ‘purchase complete’, ‘purchase refund’ and ‘purchase changed’.

Purchase Complete: When a purchase has completed at the checkout
Purchase Changed: When a purchase has been updated (a change to the event date, ticket type or comments)
Purchase Refunded: When a purchase has been refunded

The integration can be set up for an individual Tonic event page or event brand page (the data for all events attached to the brand page will send to the Google Sheet).

Purchase Complete data: 

Anyone can set up this trigger on their event by signing up for a free Zapier account:  

If using the free Zapier account, the Google Sheet will update each time a purchase is completed in the Tonic checkout. If using a free account, the spreadsheet will not update if a purchase is refunded or changed. 

Purchase Refund and Purchase Changed data: 

To receive purchase refund or purchase changed data, Zapier requires you to have an account which allows 'Multi-step Zaps'. You will, therefore, need to upgrade to a Zapier Starter account:  

The advantage of receiving Multi-step Zaps is that if a purchase is refunded or edited then the original purchase line on the Google Sheet will update with the new data. This means that ultimately, the Google Sheet acts as a live version of the customer data download as any change made to a purchase is automatically reflected on the sheet. 

The data Tonic sends to Google Sheets: 

Below is a breakdown of the total information Tonic can send to Google Sheets. You have the option to select what information from this list you would like to receive: 

Purchase Properties
● Purchase Reference
● Customer Phone Number 
Line Total 
● Event Date 
● Event ID 
● Purchase Date
Zapier Message ID 
● Customer Email 
● Comments 

Item Properties
● Admin Fee 
● Item Name - (ticket name)
● Item Price 
● Item Type (ticket)
● Item ID 
● Quantity 
● Quantity Refunded 

Refund Properties
● Refund ID
● Refund Status
● Quantity Remaining
● Quantity Refunded 
● Refunded Item Name - (refunded ticket name)
● Refunded Item ID 
● Requested By 
Requested By ID 
● Requested On 
● Refund Message 
● Total Amount Refunded 

How to get started: 

If you would like to proceed with integrating your event with Zapier, you will firstly need to create a Zapier account. 

Once complete, let your Account Manager know and they will activate the Zapier integration on your events and send you an invitation to link your Zapier account with Tonic Ticketing. 

You can then start setting up the Google Sheets and Tonic Ticketing integration on Zapier. Please note, the integration is managed by Zapier, but we can send you a step by step guide on how to link the two. 

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