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Event Status - Public vs Hidden

Before you submit your event on Tonic, you will have the option to set the Event Status from a drop down menu: One option being "Hidden", and the other being "Public". 


With the event set to Public, it will be visible via our search engine and discoverable via the What's On section upon being approved by our team. This is the option you will want to select if you are happy with the Event page/Ticketing set up and wish for tickets to be publicly available straight away.

You can see if your event is currently set to Public via the colour of the bar above your preview image at the top left of the event admin; if it is green, then the event is public.  

If the event is set to Hidden, then it will be live on the site but hidden from search results, and therefore accessible only via the direct customer facing URL that is generated once the event has been approved. This is the option you will want to select if you would like to either spend more time amending the page before going Public, or if the event itself is going to be private. 

If the bar at the top left of your event admin is displaying as grey, then the event is currently set to Hidden

Once the page has been submitted, you can amend the status of the Event via the Dashboard section of the event admin. At the top right of the screen, you will see an icon that will detail what status the page is currently set to, along with a button that will allow you to update the status to either Hide Event or Make Public

Note: If an event page was originally set to Public, and later changed to Hidden, then the page may still appear within Google search results due to the way Google indexes web pages. 

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