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Coronavirus: information for event organisers

Due to the current breakout of COVID-19, you may be thinking about postponing or cancelling your event, or down the line, to limit the spread of the virus the UK Government may declare that large scale public events should be postponed or cancelled. In these circumstances, see our guidance below on how to action any relevant changes to your event and customer bookings. 

Postponing your event
Rather than cancelling your event you may decide to postpone it to a later date. It's essential to communicate this with your customers so that they are aware of the date change and what options are available to them. 

To action this, you'll need to halt the sales for the current date, contact customers and move their booking to an alternate date. If the customer is unable to attend on the rescheduled date, you'll need to offer them a refund.

Add a new event date:
Move tickets to a new date:
Refund a ticket purchase:

Cancelling your event
If you decide to cancel your event or you are advised to by the authorities, again, it's essential to communicate this with your customers and issue them with a refund.

Contacting customers through the Tonic admin: 
Cancel date and refund customers: 

Refunds take 3 - 6 working days to process and 100% of the money paid (the ticket price and booking fee) is returned to the customer. 

Customer questions
In the case that your event is set to take place, but a customer is worried about attending and would like to cancel their purchase, this is not grounds for a refund and can be decided at your discretion. 

If you are operating a 'business as usual' policy, to avoid customer concern, you may want to notify customers of any precautions you will be taking at the event (eg. extra sanitisation procedures), this can be communicated with customers in a number of ways: 
  • Add a FAQ's section to the event description 
  • Add a pre-sale message which will be displayed during the checkout process
  • Email the customers who have already purchased tickets 
To keep up to date with how the situation is evolving and the Government's advice, you can check the GOV.UK site here:

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