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How To Absorb Booking Fee

The booking fee is our charge for providing our services and covers the card processing fees charged by our payment provider.

By default the booking fee is charged to the customer and is automatically added on top of the ticket price you set, however, you have the option of partly, or fully, absorbing this if you wish. The fee will then instead be deducted from the total revenue once the event has taken place. 

Follow the steps below to successfully absorb the booking fee across your ticket types: 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Click Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Select the Ticketing tab 
4. Click the blue cog button located to the right of the ticket types you wish to absorb 
5. Scroll down to the Booking Fee Split bar 
6. Slide across to partly, or fully, absorb the fee 
7. Save Changes

Once applied, the total will now be adjusted for those ticket types within the checkout. 

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