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Corporate Card Fee

Stripe has recently updated the transaction fees for using corporate cards and so we have needed to review our processes in order to offset the increased charges we now incur. If the customer chooses to use a corporate card they will be notified that there is an additional £1.50 fee, they can choose whether to accept and continue or to use a different card (the end customer pays this additional £1.50 fee, there will be no additional cost to you other than the usual card transaction fee).

The fee will be £1.50 per transaction, regardless of the transaction value. The fee will start being charged from the 7th July 2020.

In the case that the customers' booking is refunded, the corporate card fee is not refunded. This is because Stripe does not refund their fee's. The full ticket price and DesignMyNight booking fee will still be refunded. 

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