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Capture Delivery Addresses

Set up an address capture form during the checkout process to simplify the process of sending out delivery based products, allowing you to easily access delivery address information within a uniform format. 

Follow the steps below to successfully add this option to your event page: 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click Ticketing 
4. Scroll down to your ticket types 
5. Click the small cog situated on the right of the ticket type you wish to add the delivery address option to 
6. Scroll down to Requires attendee's address and click Yes

Once in place, guests who purchase a ticket with this enabled will see this form to fill out during the checkout process: 

If a customer is making a purchase of multiple items, they will have the option of setting an alternate delivery address for each one if purchasing for someone else within the next page: 

Otherwise, it will default to the same address as the lead booker. 

The collected address information can then be found within the Attendees List section of the event admin within the Delivery Addresses tab:

This information can also be extracted as a .CSV file by clicking the Download button. 

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