New Transactions Download

On the 2nd March we will be switching fully over to a new transaction download for Tonic events. The new spreadsheet benefits from increased efficiency, faster download speeds and is formatted differently, with each item type within a transaction now having its own row. To ensure that the transition to the new download is as smooth as possible for you, we have detailed what has changed within this guide.

There are two key changes with the new Transaction download:

Desktop download: For downloads with less than 750 transactions, the .CSV file will now be downloaded straight to your desktop. For downloads with more than 750 transactions, the file will be compiled and sent to the email address that you are logged in on as before.

Format: Each item on the new download will now have its own row, meaning that a transaction with varying e-tickets and products will be separated into multiple rows, whilst still being grouped together on the spreadsheet. This makes it much easier to distinguish different tickets and products in a transaction. The new ‘Item Type’ column will allow you to filter tickets from products for reporting purposes. Using the DMN purchase reference number, you are able to confirm which tickets and products are from the same transaction. 

Data collection answers have also been removed from the file – these are located within the Attendees List section, as well as on the copy of the purchase confirmation email you can choose to receive when a customer makes a purchase. See our guide on Data Collection here for more information. 

Example of how a transaction with varying item types will be grouped together on the spreadsheet: 

How to filter between Tickets and Products: 

1. Within Excel, select Data located along the tool at the top 
2. Locate the Item Type column 
3. Click the Dropdown arrow and tick the desired items to filter accordingly within the pop-up 
4. Click OK to apply 

For more information on downloading Customer Data, see our user guide here.

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