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How To Resize An Image In Paint

To best fit the layout of your ticket page on DesignMyNight, we recommend an image resolution of at least 770px by 400px with a max file size of 2MB. 

If your image is larger than 2MB then the system won't successfully upload it. To resize your image prior to upload there are many websites you can use or images can be resized in the Paint program on your computer. To do so, follow these steps: 

1. Open your image in Paint 
2. Select the Resize button 
3. In the pop-up window, select the Pixels tab 
4. In the 'Horizontal:' field, adjust the number to 1000 (this will automatically adjust the 'Vertical:' field)
5. Select OK 
6. Save your image and attempt to reload it to Tonic 

Depending on the initial size of your image, you may have to further reduce the number in the horizontal field. 

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