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Fixed Quantities Per Purchase

Use the fixed quantities per purchase tool to input an incremental set of numbers which will be applied when guests add tickets to their checkout (for example: 2,4,6,8 and so on if tickets can only be purchased in pairs). This is particularly useful when selling group table bookings as ticket types. 

Follow the steps below to successfully put this in place for your ticket types: 

1. Log into your Tonic admin
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click the Ticketing tab 
4. Click the blue cog button located to the right of the ticket type
5. Scroll down to Purchasing Quantity Controls
6. Click Fixed Quantity Per Purchase 
7. Input the required values into the Fixed Quantity field 
8. Save

Once applied, guests will now only be able to input these set values into the checkout: 

For assistance with adding ticket types, see our guide on this here.

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