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Custom Labels Tool

Highlight additional information about your ticket types by adding custom labels to be displayed within the ticket widget, which is useful if your event has various options/seating areas, or for upselling certain ticket types.

Follow the steps below to successfully add a custom label to your ticket types:

1. Log into your Tonic admin
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click the Ticketing tab
4. Click the small cog located to the right of your ticket type
5. Scroll down to Custom Labels
6. Click New Label
7. Type in the desired text
8. Choose the font colour
9. Choose the background colour
10. Click Add
11. Click Save Changes

Note: A maximum of two custom labels can be added per ticket type. 

Once added, you will see the label displayed to the right of your ticket types: 

For more information on adding ticket types, see our guide here.

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