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Access Collins Integration

The Access Collins integration allows venues that use both our Tonic and Collins software, to send ticket purchases from Tonic through to Collins as confirmed bookings.

This is done by mapping ticket types to Collins booking types from within the Tonic admin. Venues are able to fully activate the integration themselves as long as the event is linked to a Collins venue group. 

Set up steps in Tonic: 

1. Log into Tonic admin
2. Select Manage for the specific event you wish to set up the integration for
3. Go to the Manage Integrations tab 
4. In the Access Collins integration box, select the Enable Integration button
5. In the Site Name section, select the site in Collins that purchases for this event should be sent to.
6. In the Marketing Preferences section, select which Collins marketing preferences should be opted in for customers who consent to your event marketing during checkout.
7. In the Booking Type Mappings section, select which booking type each of the ticket types should be mapped to.
8. Select Enable Integration

If you're unable to select the Enable Integration button it may be because the event isn't linked to your Collins venue group. To check if the settings are correct, please contact your account manager or 

Set up video: 

In Collins: 

In order for tickets to be received by Collins as bookings, they will need to have been mapped to a Booking Type. You may want to use an existing booking type that is available to book through Collins, or a new one, specific to your Tonic Event.

If you are using a new booking type that shouldn’t be bookable through your Collins widget then do ensure it is either excluded from the widget using the v2 widget wizard, or you have limited availability to render it unbookable.

Bookings from Tonic will not automatically be assigned to a table/area in Collins, so will sit in the “unassigned” row on the diary for manual assignment. If you want to quickly allocate them to areas and have configured your booking type with areas and availability then the “Space Optimiser” can help you do this with ease.

Default booking type:

You are able to set a default booking type at any point within the integration settings, ensuring that tickets added at a later date will be assigned automatically to this booking type. See below for where to set this up:

Things To Note: 

Tonic purchases sent to Collins may impact your Collins availability.

Only purchases made after the integration is set up will send through to Collins. To send previously made purchases from Tonic to Collins, set up in integration as per the above steps and then select the 'SYNC' button (see screenshot below).

If a purchase is edited or refunded in Tonic, the booking information will automatically update in Collins. 

Bookings cannot be refunded through Collins, this will need to be done through the Tonic admin as normal. 

The funds are still paid out based on the standard Tonic payment cycle of 4 working days after the event has taken place. 

How the Tonic data is logged in Collins/Collins API:
Booking fieldAPI fieldTonic/Notes
Sitevenue_idCollins site linked during set up
First Namefirst_name Customers first name
Last Namelast_name Customers last name
Emailemail Customers email address 
Phone numberphoneCustomers phone number if given
Sourcepartner_source"Access Tonic" 
Booking TypetypeAs per integration setup
Guestsnum_peopleQuantity of ticket type in purchase
DatedateTicket start date
Start TimetimeTicket start time
Until TimedurationTicket until time
ValuevalueTransaction value (exc booking fee)
Purchase Referencetonic_referenceA new purchase reference is created

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