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Rescheduling an Event Date

In the case where your event has been postponed to an alternative date, follow the steps below to successfully reschedule the date within the Tonic admin, along with ensuring guests are notified and moved across to the new date accordingly.

Stopping sales for original date 

To prevent any further ticket sales going through for the postponed date, set the event to 'Sold Out'. This will close off ticket sales, without effecting existing ticket purchases:
1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Manage Sales
3. Click the red Sold Out button on postponed date 

Adding the new date

Once the original date has been set to 'Sold Out', you're ready to add the new date to the page: 

1. Select Edit Listing & Tickets 
2. While in the Event Details tab, scroll down to Event Date
3. If your event was originally set to Single Date, select Multiple Dates 
4. Select new event date from calendar  
5. Save 

Note: You will not yet be able to de-select the original date whilst purchases are still active for this date. 

Contacting customers

To ensure guests are notified about the postponed date, follow the steps below to mass email all ticket holders: 

1. Select Email Attendees
2. In the ‘To’ field select, Specific Guest List
3. Select the original date   
4. Enter email subject and message
5. Tick to receive a copy of the email
6. Send Email

The customers then get notified to reply to the email address specified in the Reply To box - this can be changed by entering in a different email address.

Moving customers across to new date

Once guests have been contacted and the new date is live on the event page, the next step is to move ticket holders across to the rescheduled date: 

1. Go to Manage Sales
2. Select Transactions on the postponed date to be taken to bookings for this date 
3. Click on each guest booking to open up the advanced options 
4. Click Edit Transaction  
5. Select the drop-down date menu under the Change Date heading
6. Select new event date from the calendar
7. Save Changes 

Once the booking has been switched and the 'Edit Transaction' window has closed, click the 'Resend Tickets' button to issue updated tickets to the customer. 

Removing original date

Once the above has been actioned and all guests have been moved across to the new event date, you will be able to remove the postponed date from the event page by following the steps below: 

1. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
2. While in the Event Details tab, scroll down to Event Date
3. Deselect original date 
4. Save 

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