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Tonic/Collins integration: Pre Orders

Once a ticket purchase has been sent through to Collins as a confirmed booking, within Collins, you can activate the pre-order functionality to send customers food/drink purchase options ahead of their arrival. 

Firstly, follow these steps to set up the Tonic/Collins integration: 

Send pre-order to an individual booking 
  • Locate the booking within Collins 
  • Click on the booking and select 'View Booking'
  • Go to the Pre-Order tab
  • Activate the applicable pre-order settings 
Automate sending of pre-orders within Booking Type settings

Within the booking type, you can choose the number of days before a booking that pre-orders should automatically be sent out. 
  • Locate the booking type within Collins 
  • Go to the Pre-order Settings section 
  • Apply the required payment settings 
  • Use the Send pre-orders __ days before the booking tool
If a customer makes their purchase after the pre-order communication date has passed, they will still be sent the pre-order communications. 

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