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Tonic Fee Update

From the 8th of February 2023 onwards, the following booking fee rates will be applied to tickets and products purchased through the Tonic checkout:

Free items – no fee

£39.99 and under – 10% fee

£40 to £69.99 – 8% fee

£70 and above – 6% fee

The Tonic booking fee rates have remained the same since the product launched in 2014, during this time, we’ve continually added value to the product with innovative and time-saving functionality as we strive to deliver a seamless ticket-selling experience to event organisers.

Now, with the increased cost of transaction processing imposed on us, coupled with the impact of inflation; we need to update our rates to reflect the increase in the costs we incur.

What's affected by the change?

Tickets and products that cost £30 and over will be affected by the booking fee restructure. Tickets and products priced under £30 will keep the existing booking fee rates. There will continue to be no fee for listing free tickets and products on Tonic. 

What’s the cost to me as the event organiser to use Tonic? 

If partnering with us as your primary ticket seller, Tonic remains a free ticketing and marketing platform for the event organiser to use.

We cover the transaction processing fee’s as part of the booking fee so that the only cost for using our services is the booking fee and associated VAT.

Who pays the booking fee?

By default, the booking fee is added on top of the ticket price and paid by the customer. You, as the event organiser, have the option to partially or fully absorb the booking fee into the ticket price if you wish.

You can change whether you pass on or absorb the fee at any time, and you have the flexibility to set who pays the booking fee per ticket type.

When will the fee change happen?

The fee change will take place on the 8th of February and will affect items purchased from this date onwards. 

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