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Google Tag Manager

Event Tracking

The Ticket widget and checkout make use of the Analytics ecommerce metrics. Through this, your Analytics conversions will come as a 'purchase' event.

Tonic will also send the following events:
view_item_listTicket WidgetViewing ticket types for an event 
add_to_cartTicket WidgetSelecting a ticket type
begin_checkoutCheckoutOn entering the Checkout
purchaseCheckoutOn completing a ticket purchase

Implement GTM codes in Tonic

  1.  Log into the Tonic admin dashboard
  2. Select Manage for the specific event
  3. Go to the Sales Tracking tab
  4. Go to the Google Tag Manager tab
  5. In the Configure box enter your Google Tag Manager ID
  6. Select Save

Setting up Google Tag Manager

To send your data through from Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics you will need to configure your Tag to send event triggers. To do this, follow the steps for Google Tag Manager under "Collect ecommerce Data" in this Set up ecommerce events guide from Google.

Tip: Remember to tick "Send ecommerce data"

Below is an example of a Tag set up to receive ecommerce data into Google Analytics: 

Custom Booking Flows

Below is an example of how the event looks when sent to Google Tag Manager. If you have your own custom process we recommend matching the below to ensure your data in Analytics will be consistent: 

Please see this Measure Ecommerce guide from Google for more information. 

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