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Tonic GA4 Release

A major change is coming to reporting within Google Analytics; Google Analytics 4 is Google's next-generation measurement solution, and it's replacing Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, all standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data so it's important to review our documentation to support setting up the new GA4 features.

Click here to learn more about the move from UA to GA4

Why Is It Changing?

Google is introducing a wealth of benefits to GA4, which UA was previously unable to support, some examples of this:

  • App and web insights are held on the same tool.
  • Better predictive insights.
  • Enhanced user interaction measurement in the form of ‘events’, this includes outbound clicks, file downloads, and page scrolls.

Why Is This Important To Me?

Not only will your data reporting be more concise, giving you the chance to go to a truly granular level, privacy processes have been improved, meaning not only you, but your customers, will benefit from the switch.

Can I Just Stay On UA?

We’re afraid not, while you will still be able to access historic data in Universal Analytics for a period of time, it will no longer be processing new data, meaning if you don’t make the switch? You’ll lose your insights.

How Do I Action And How Can You Help?

Universal Analytics is providing all accounts with a step-by-step guide to setting up, which can be found when logging on. We suggest you take the time to review points, and action where possible. 

Access Tonic has completed the required changes to support GA4, which means we’re prepared within the product to provide the data you need. The below user guide links walk you through how you can take advantage of the new ‘Events’ that are surfaced thanks to GA4 which is currently live and capturing data.

Google Tag Manager set up

Google Tag Cross Domain tracking


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