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Add Ticket To Apple Wallet

Using the 'Add To Apple Wallet' button found on the purchase confirmation email, ticket holders can now add the e-ticket to the wallet on their Apple device. 

Once added, the pass will show on the iPhone's locked screen display from the day of the event until the expiration date/time. 

So that the same action can be completed on Android devices, an 'Add to Google Wallet' button is coming soon. 

Information given within Apple Wallet

Displayed on the front of the ticket
  • Event date
  • Venue
  • Event name
  • Ticket type
  • Ticket type time
  • Primary ticket holder name
  • Event lead image
Displayed on the back of the ticket (shown when a customer selects the three-dot menu item): 
  • Ticket reference
  • Product list
  • Purchase date/time
  • Ticket type
  • Event date
  • Event contact email
  • Ticket holder name (guest name)
  • Ticket message
  • T&Cs
  • Ticket expiration (event end date/time)
Can't see the 'Add To Apple Wallet' button? 

Buttons won't show for events configured to "require tickets to be printed" (Event Admin > Settings).

Buttons won't show for events using the self-check-in feature. 

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