Admin Menu Structure on DMN Ticketing

We've decided to upgrade our Event admin menu structure! We've added so many new features this past year we decided to make it super easy for you to access and see what tools are available.

You will see that on the left hand side of your event menu, the functionality is now listed under five headings:


This contains everything you need to manage your ticket page. This includes editing your copy, photos, menus etc, as well as adding new dates, your contact information and social media. You can also our new functionality that includes Pre Sales, Waiting List and also respond-on-page to User Reviews that your attendees may leave on your page.  


Everything from seeing detailed break downs of your ticket sales, adjusting allocations, and marking dates as sold out. You can also analyse your page views with our new analytics features and of course refund customers.


Here you can access your Widgets, to embed our box office into your website, create discount codes and use tracking codes that can provide invaluable insight into what sources of marketing generate you ticket sales. You can also access our repping functionality here.


This is where your guest list and customer information resides. Attendee lists, add guests and VIPs to your event with a free ticket and download all of your customer data.


Have a little play with our settings, these include mailchimp integrations and the ability to tag your guests with certain labels.


Any questions please contact your Account Manager or our Customer support team: 

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