Cancel Event Date

In the circumstance that an event date needs to cancelled and all ticket buyers refunded, the easiest way of auctioning this is by pressing the 'Cancel Date' button under 'Manage Sales'. This will automatically refund all customers and shut off the event date. 

Before the action is complete you will be asked to leave a message for ticket buyers and confirm your decision to cancel the event date by entering your DMN password. Please note, this action cannot be undone. 

- log into event via
- once on the dashboard, scroll down to 'Manage Sales'
- find the required event date, you may have to use the 'events between' sorter
- click 'Cancel Date'
- enter an optional message to the customer
- enter your DMN password 
- confirm cancellation 

If you want to take tickets off sale for a particular event date, but do not want to cancel the event date or refund customers then you should use the 'sold out' button. This will set the event date to sold out so that no further tickets can be purchased. 

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